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Phonecard history

Italy has been the first country in the world to adopt a public cardphone system.
Sip, at the end of 70s, decided, under proposal of SIDA, to make this innovative system, because public telephones were subjected to a lot of  violations and so, to an increase of maintenance cost.  
The first phonecard was made by Pikappa, and went in function, only in experimental way, in 1976, at the riding-track of Villa Borghese in Rome.
But these cards were subjected to an excessive deterioration, bacause they were made of paper, and after other experiments, the material was imbroved until going to today's composition, based on PVC.
The first phonecards (Sida system) were made with stiff cardboard, and were upright with a magnetic band that divided the superior part to the inferior one.
In 1985 these phonecards were substituted by a new system, born by an experiment between URMET and Mantegazza, essentially made with an horizontal magnetic band and with plastified cardboard.